There is only one solution
Real Golf. Real Profit.
Under One Roof


REALiTEE Golf is the world’s first authentically majestic indoor golfing experience integrating simulation play with live play for the short game within a real golf environment.

Innovation will deliver an
Unmatched Experience

  • This experience creates an environment where beginners and experts can positively co-exist
  • Experiences that combine the best of digital technologies with the beauty of the real world game
  • Experiences that excite and make people feel better ensuring the desire to return again and again
  • Enhanced experiences combining golf and “appetizing” entertainment will bring more people to immerse themselves in the true pleasures of real golf

ImpossibilitiesBecome AREALiTEE

  • REALiTEE allows you to play anytime, day or night, without weather constraints.
  • REALiTEE has an 18 hole course that can be played in 2 hours or less.
  • REALiTEE lets you play a partial round, save it, and finish on your next visit.
  • REALiTEE surrounds you with exciting videos, audio, lasers, and lighting effects. You will MASTER THE EXPERIENCE.