Dave Shultz on The Pace of Change Golf Podcast

The Pace of Change Golf Podcast

Episode 018
RealiTee Creator Dave Shultz

The Pace of Change Golf Podcast is a weekly podcast with the thought leaders, pioneers, and game changers in the golf industry. It is led by hosts Scott Dawley, founder of Speedgolf USA and LinksRun; and Dude Spellings, executive director of Speedgolf Texas, and co-founder of LinksRun and Austin Skins.

Here’s the summary from their website: http://www.paceofchange.com/

Get ready for today’s guest, Dave Shultz! Dave is the embodiment of a life permanently altered by asking questions like, “If I knew I couldn’t fail what would I do? Or this one, “If money were no object, what would I create or build?” And “How will I leave my mark on the world?” Sure, we have all answered those question for ourselves in our minds. But Dave Shultz, as you’re about to find out, KNOWS he can’t fail with his new golfing concept, REALiTEe Golf.

Just 14 months into the process, this concept, this tech savvy, beginner friendly, business appropriate, multi-use indoor/outdoor hybrid golf facility is what he would build if money were no object. And making REALiTEE a massive success is Dave’s way of giving back to the game he instantly fell in love with at the age of 10. What exactly is REALiTEE Golf? Are you ready? We do it fast, we make it fun, so turn it up and enjoy episode 18 with the Creator of REALiTEE Golf, Dave Shultz.


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