Dave Shultz Talks REALiTEE Golf on BiGGs Golf Talk

On April 24, 2016 Dave Shultz talked about REALiTEE Golf on BiGGs Golf Talk Podcast.

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Dave Shultz on REALiTEE Golf begins at 17:25.

Dave Shultz @ 17:25
“REALiTEE is really the result of my years of product development experience and my frustration with hearing for the last 10 years that nobody can create an experience within the golf industry that’s going to reenergize the sport. So I gave myself a project. I’ve been a product development engineer with General Electric for the last 20 years. I just started studying all these industry studies and I boiled down the current state of traditional golf and in my mind created, based on that, what the ultimate next generation urban golf experience would look like…”

Dave goes on to talk about how social and print media has helped get the idea out there, just exactly what REALiTEE Golf is, more on the vision for the project, and what’s the next step to make it a reality.


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